Monthly Wine Club (SHIPPING) | Subscriptions

Monthly Wine Club (SHIPPING) | Subscriptions

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There is nothing better then wine, especially when you don't even have to think about ordering and just comes right to your door. 

By joining the monthly wine club, you will not only be treating yourself to a hidden gem wine every month, you will be a part of something bigger.

A mission of sipping local and supporting small wineries in our own backyard!

You have a choice between 1 bottle or 2 bottle subscriptions.

Join the #SIPLOCAL movement and let's discover Ontario wine country together!

Shipping charge is already included in the price for this listing.

Manage your subscription:
Please note you will not be automatically prompted to setup a customer account, you will have the option at checkout to create one. There is also an option at the top right hand corner to create your customer account. You will only be able to view and manage your subscription by creating a customer account. You can setup a customer account at any point, ensure you use the same email address you checkout with when creating your account to ensure all information is synced.

VIP Club Loyalty Points:
Sign up for VIP Club points before or after your purchase to be part of our loyalty points program that is only available to Wine Club Subscribers. You will see the VIP Club points prompt on the bottom of your screen.

Subscription Notice:
There is a 3 month minimum term when signing up for the Wine Club.

Standard Ontario Shipping:
This listing is for purchase if you require a shipping option, shipping cost has been included on the listing total. At checkout please use the code SHIPPING to remove the additional charge that is automatic at checkout.

Must be 19 years or older to purchase.